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Job Analysis and Job Description Training Course

About this Course

Job analysis and job descriptions are vital and interrelated. These are one of the first steps towards hiring the right fit for the job. Job analysis helps HR professionals identify the correct skill and talent needed for a job, while the job description clearly describes the information gathered through analysis to attract the correct talent. This course includes information on the various methods of job analysis (interviews, questionnaires, observations, etc.) and helps professionals understand how to choose the most effective method as per their organisation. It also includes various practices that can be applied to identify and develop relevant training needs; structure compensation as per jobs; conduct performance reviews; prepare job descriptions true to the nature of actual work, clear and transparent, yet attractive; etc. By undertaking this course, you will be well prepared to face and overcome challenges in identifying the correct skill set for a job, correcting a skill–job mismatch, attracting the best talent suited for a role and preventing attrition because of job dissatisfaction.

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