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Are you looking for full-time experts that are expected to work and grow with your company? Job Care for recruitment is the right option!

  • JC will help you with the whole process steps from requirements to job offers
  • You will meet those who you like the most and who are the most suitable for you to hire for a full-time position
  • JC Professionals will find Candidates for you based on your requirements and present only the best ones
  • You make only one-time payment in case of hiring, i.e. success fee. In exchange, you have a new employee on board. Additionally, we offer a 3-month warranty

The Process:

  • The client send us a message via “Contact” tab or call our agents
  • We discuss the needs and requirements, but we also share our experience.
  • We agree on the terms of cooperation
  • We arrange a conversation with the Hiring Manager. Usually, we need a little more information about position, the project and the team, in order to attract the best Candidates.
  • We activate the search for Candidates
  • Always within seven working days on the process, the client will receive detailed feedback from us a long with profiles.
  • We enjoy our mutual success because the client has just scaled up his team with another colleague.
  • We will keep in touch with you and the candidate for the few next month’s making sure that all parties are satisfied.